“Talk Story” is defined as a place to chit-chat with old + new friends alike; a space to share stories, share laughs + develop friendships.

With a large variety of new books, used books, out of print books, comic books, vinyl records, vintage books, rare + collectables, we promise to have something for everyone. We have over 150,000 unique titles packed within these walls that will interest readers from everywhere; anything from beach-reads to children’s books, mysteries to current events + all things Hawaiiana.

The doors opened in 2004 when Ed Justus was offered a month’s free rent to start a business. His at-home eBay business was thus transformed into a much-needed bookstore! Since that time, “Talk Story Bookstore” has won 18 business awards, become the #1 shopping destination on the island according to TripAdvisor + is soon celebrating it’s 15th year in business!